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Where my head is at.

Change happens. If you see God’s hand in it, Look ahead to where you’re going. Excitedly seek God’s change in your life.

Too much salt…

When you become salt of the world, you aren’t pushing the Gospel down people’s throats; you’re living life with them – loving them.

This Little Light of Mine is None of Your Business!

As people who worship the Most High God, the King of kings, our Creator, and our Father, Who loves us and Whose thoughts of each of us number greater than the sands on the shore… isn’t it a bit strange that we feel the need to hide behind an excuse as weak as privacy?

Who Am I?

There comes a time in life when we all ask ourselves this question. The answer we get is based on who we listen to—man or God?

Father’s Day… the Infographic.

A bit of useless knowledge courtesy of Michael Hyatt and Ultimate! Happy Father’s Day!