Day One – newborn style…


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, and today I have a friend who has just experienced the birth of his third child.
In honor of my friend and the newest arrow added to his quiver, I thought I would finish this up and post.

Love Manifesto?

love never fails

Love never fails.

Wisdom first.


I write these things so that, when ready, my kids have a place that they can go and see where their father’s heart is.


Listening to God – The Brick


For you are precious to Him.



You are His beloved. Why would you want to walk any path other than the one He walks?

It’s not about brain power…

ten percent

If the Word says that we are wonderfully made, then let’s believe that! I am wonderfully made! God did not make a mistake when he created me!

Hang in there, my friend…


Above everything else keep your heart.

Day One.


Sometimes life seems like a big pile of blah.

A Kind Word… abortion.


Abortion is such a kind word…

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